MARDOT, analyse the logs of IPTABLES.



The function of this proyect is make a program what configure a firewall of Iptables in a PHP web, and analyse the logs for make statistics and show in the PHP-web.
The program is in a early phase, if tou want to see a demostration of the program go to the DEMOstration section.
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05-10-2002 - Add the section DEMO to the web, here you can see a little example of that makes this program.
04-10-2002 - I create this web, now this web is very poor but i improve it in the future, and my english too :-( .
02-10-2002 - Today, I submit this proyect in Sourceforge, you can see the web of the proyect if you click here.
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This is a list of the program's dependecies, and a link to the web where you can find it:
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Here you have a demostration where you can see a little example of what makes this program.

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